From Louis Borelli ……

When I created the main character Daniel, for my screenplay, “Looking For GOD”, I knew that I needed to create a theme song for one so special as Daniel.  In keeping it simple, birthed was Daniel’s song, “Looking For GOD”.

I felt myself inspired more and more by the special character I created in Daniel, and knew that even prior to our film production, we must bring more awareness to Daniel and the rest of our Looking For GOD’s unique cast of characters.

So…. fast forward, here we are, having produced the theme song “Looking For GOD”, the Actor’s Montage, and our Looking For GOD Music Video, and Mood Reel.

Our Looking For GOD mood reel, brings out the special atmosphere our movie will project to a vast audience.  It reveals to us, a unity of all GOD’s people, so simple and easy to reach, if only we allow it.

My brother’s and sister’s… please support our upcoming full feature film, Looking For GOD, by going to our Kick Starter Campaign, and donating.

Blessings to all …

From Chris Gregorio…

chrs4I became involved in the production of “Looking For GOD”, the movie, because it was a screenplay that truly warms the heart.  As I read the script, I was immediately impressed with the hero, a young boy named Daniel, and his non-judgemental manner in relating to people.  He protects loved ones from the villain, and the social ills of his urban community.

Today, there is an urgent need to help people cope with the turbulence of this twenty-first century.  Many people have become outraged regarding issues related to poverty, race, religion and cultural identity.  More and more people are resorting to violence as a way to resolve their problems.

It is through the creative art of this screenplay, we discover a way to take action in a more positive manner.  The character of Daniel, helps us become aware that the word of GOD is alive and powerful as we observe him confront traumatic and life changing events.  The audience will view a community transformed into a peaceful one.  Imagine feeling confident in a more secure future?

From Diane Falzone…

diane2What does it take, to make one open their eyes, to pay attention to signs and wonders, to conquer their fears, and to allow a miracle to happen… yes, allow a miracle to happen!

It takes one, like our biblical David, the young shepherd boy who was thought to be of insignificant worth.  But, GOD had other plans for David.  And, so by faith and obedience, David took 3 small stones and one sling, conquered the giant, and changed the course of history.

In our story, “Looking For GOD”, the movie… young Daniel was viewed by some others as, insignificant.  But, GOD had plans for Daniel, and by Daniel’s faith and obedience, he hears GOD’s silent voice and allows the miracle to happen.

Help us to fund this modern day, inspiring story, “Looking For GOD”, that will make you think… “What miracle will you allow to happen”?

From Vincent Maligno…


I decided to co write the, “Looking For GOD”, screenplay with Louis because we wanted to create a faith based movie that was easily reachable to many people.

Since Louis and myself are both from Brooklyn, New York, we decided to create the story of people within a Brooklyn neighborhood. Our focus was to create a feel good story of faith, surrounding a young man named Daniel, who has a special relationship with GOD.  Daniel’s simplicity is recognized by his family, friends and neighbor’s.  He is sincere in his devotion to GOD, and how he cares for his community.

GOD blesses Daniel with HIS presence, and gives Daniel a chance to fulfill his desire, and to change his friends and family, in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

GOD blessed Daniel…. GOD bless us all!

From Fred Coscia…


Looking For GOD, the movie, shows us how one’s belief in GOD, can come in a simple way, and yet be very real.

It tells us of faith demonstrated in the life of a young man, named Daniel, and makes us realize, reaching a life of faith in our own life, to be very obtainable. Looking For GOD shows us that we have a chance to grow in our faith, and make this world a better and beautiful place to live, no matter what race you are.