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2010 -  With  their book, “John Of Divinity” recently published, and in the process of completing a down to earth, poignant screen play,  “Looking For GOD”, the founders  …. Louis Borelli, Vincent Maligno, and Diane Falzone, began their company, Looking For GOD Productions, LLC in 2010’.

The vision for this company, was to make a compelling full feature film, that would be appealing to all.  A motion picture that would have a long lifetime of viewing, for a broad demographic of viewers both domestic and foreign.

2012 - In 2012, the team welcomed their new partner, Chris Gregorio, who shared the same vision in making, “Looking For GOD”, into a full feature film.
Their journey, thus far, has been a great learning experience in the makings of a film, from script to screen.  The team forges forward in all aspects of film making, to fulfill their goal.

2014 - In late December, 2014, the “Looking For GOD”, mood reel was completed, and will be released for public viewing within the next few months.


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Louis Borelli

Before creating the story of “Looking for God”, I was completing my first script “John of Divinity” ....

Diane E Falzone

Born a native New Yorker, Diane E. Falzone, Business Developer, Entrepreneur, began working at the age of 15....

Chris Gregorio

Born in New York, Chris Gregorio pursued business management as his educational major, with Honors, in addition to...

Dr Vincent Maligno

Born, bred in New York, Dr. Vincent Maligno was with the Xaverian Brothers for several years. Upon leaving,...

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Fred Coscia

Proven professional with an outstanding track record with Private industry experience in Music, Media, and Communications. He is...

Petina Cole

Cole is finishing her 4th feature film, “Reunion”, which she produced and music supervised. The live original...

Greg Deppe’s

Greg has over 30 years of experience in music Industry. Uncommon knowledge of music gained since early age...