Check out our gallery of interviews, and photo’s of our Video Mood Reel.

It has been quite a ride, our journey both arduous and exciting! Finally, … after completion of our Actor Montage, Music Video, and our Mood Reel Video,   we are ready to PRESENT to you our Looking For GOD the movie, Kick Starter Campaign. OUR GOAL … IS to raise enough funds, so that we may hire both our Director and Director Of Photography from A-S-C, our Editor from A-C-E, and the A-List Actor of choice for one or two key roles.  The more funds we raise, will allow us to attach and hire additional cast  & crew, which could bring us to production, and possibly post production.

OUR GOAL is to get a great distribution deal, and give viewers everywhere both Domestic and Foreign, a movie they will love and never forget.

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