Louis Borelli

crossBorn in New York, Louis Borelli, writer/producer, was educated in the arts through out his school years. In his later years, he attended the College Of Staten Island, where he took special screenwriting courses to better improve his skills.

Through the years, Louis developed a story, “John Of Divinity”, which was later
published in 2009’, co-written by, Dr. Vincent Maligno, & associate Diane Falzone. His creation of the story “John Of Divinity” was inspired in part by biblical accounts, and his creativity of possible events. Put it together, you have one dynamic story that will one day be made into a full feature film.

In 2009’, “John Of Divinity”, achieved special endorsements from then Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now Cardinal of New York, Father Francis Gasparik, OFM Capuchin Order – Director of Capuchin Missions, and Carol Mangels, Sup. Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Soon after, Louis developed the screenplay, “Looking For GOD”, co-written by Dr. Vincent Maligno. Birthed, a fictional story integrating some biblical characters, and creatively expanding upon their natures into a modern day society. Henceforth, a Brooklyn neighborhood of some very ordinary people experiencing some very real spiritual occurrences, takes place. Looking For GOD is created to be a dramedy!

From the creation of this story, and a vision that Looking For GOD would be the first of the two screenplays to bring into a full feature production, the company “Looking For GOD Productions” was created, in partnership with Dr. Vincent Maligno, Diane Falzone, and Chris Gregorio.

Together the team has moved forward with great strides to bring in several endorsements from actors who have a heart and a passion for this screenplay. With great excitement, these actors and the production team are anticipating a wonderfully poignant movie that would last a lifetime for viewers everywhere. Presently in production, is the Looking For GOD trailer, with Looking For GOD movie theme song. It is a creation in progress that will appeal to a wide audience.


  • College Of Staten Island, Screenwriting

Published Works:

  • “John Of Divinity” 2009

  • Looking For GOD” 2011 WGA Screenplay

  • Looking For GOD the theme song, published Sept. 2014

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Before creating the story of “Looking for God”, I was completing my first script “John of Divinity” which was endorsed by several members associated with the Vatican:

  • Timothy Cardinal Dolan

  • Archbishop of New York

  • Father Francis J. Gasparik OFM Cap.

  • Provincial of the St. Joseph Province

  • Carol MangelsSisters of Saint Joseph

With the power of prayer, faith and a calling from God, I was inspired to write this wonderful story about the connection between God and the unusual, innocent young man Daniel. What also gave me the concept for the story was memories of growing up in my Brooklyn neighborhood with family and friends who touched my everyday life and the movies we watched.