The Story

Logline: Daniel, a special needs kid from Brooklyn, overcomes some of life’s obstacles, and leads his dysfunctional Italian community back to their faith in God after a tragic accident and near death experience make everyone’s prayers come true.

Brief: In the Italian American enclave of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, soccer moms, shopkeepers, priests, gamblers and ladies of the night, hold each other together with a lighthearted spirituality infused by today’s modern Christians. But, Daniel our special needs kid, had something much better in mind for his neighborhood.  

Synopsis: Daniel is an unusual teenager, who talks to God. And the mystical GOD in heaven talks back. Despite witnessing the death of his father at age 6, an event that rattled the faithful in his community, Daniel remains too innocent to be cynical or unhappy. His vision of everyone as perfect, despite their glaring imperfections, makes him both endearing and inspiring.

He’s surrounded by other players; the conflicted mother, the man whose dreams of financial success have given way to organized crime, the girl who sells her body because she fears it’s the only way she’ll be loved and the funny wise guys who live a life of unrepentant crime and spiritual bankruptcy, until a crisis reminds them of God’s power and love.

When a fishing accident grants Daniel a near death experience and throws the family into chaos, Daniel meets God face to face. He also meets the old man who’s been praying with him in church and guiding him on Earth. The old man reveals himself in heaven as Daniel’s real father, who passed from this world and we discover, has been guiding Daniel all along.

Daniel becomes God’s envoy and is sent back down to fix his neighborhood. His inspiring homecoming brings an answer to everyone’s prayers. The strip club becomes a restaurant. The ladies of the night, marry the bouncers. The shopkeeper finally retires from a life of drudgery and the faithful are lead back to God by the innocent boy who puts them in touch with what’s best in each of them; their spiritual selves. Daniel sets their feet gently back on the spiritual path---the one that GOD has always intended for us all.

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